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Who are we?

PetFriendly Direct is monthly subscription service providing our customers with home-delivery of vet quality flea and tick protection for your dog (and coming soon, cats!)

PetFriendly Direct saves you money over name brand products containing the same, vet quality, active ingredients.

We're your Best Friend's New Best Friend!™ We're PetFriendly!

Does it work?

We think so, but don't just take our word for it. Here's some reviews: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PetFriendlyDirect/reviews/

What are your subscription options? You can choose a monthly or annual subscription:

Do I need to sign a subscription contract?

Nope. This isn't like the annoying cable or cell phone companies. You can pay as you go and cancel anytime.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Website Terms and Conditions?

Our privacy policy can be found here and our terms and conditions can be found here.

Do you offer multiple pet discounts?

We're always saving you money, so we don't need to offer multiple-pet discounts. We do offer a discount if you choose to pay annually (pay 12 months up front) vs. monthly.

What do you charge for shipping?

Zero! Nada! Nothing! $0! That's right, shipping is included in your monthly subscription cost. No additional fees. Heck of a deal!

We're your Best Friend's New Best Friend!™ We're PetFriendly!®


How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

While it’s recommended you protect your pets from fleas and ticks throughout the year, you can always pause or cancel your subscription anytime from your customer dashboard here.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We ship, via USPS®, on the first business day (excluding holidays) following your order. USPS® typically takes 3-5 business days to deliver your package. We’ll always send you a shipment confirmation email with tracking details, so you can follow your shipment as it travels to your home.

I applied the product, but it’s not working. My pet still has those pesky fleas! What do I do now?

In most cases our products work fast. Sometimes, if your pet or environment has an active infestation prior to the application, it may take a month or two to break the flea lifecycle. In this case we recommend you treat your environment in addition to your pets. You can always reach one of our veterinary technicians to discuss other options we have to help. You can give them a call at (616) 278-0700 or email them at support@petfriendlydirect.com.


Wags Advance® for Dogs

What is it?

Wags Advance® for Dogs is a monthly, topical treatment of Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Biting Flies and Lice.

What’s in it?

Wags Advance® for Dogs contains Imidacloprid, Permethrin, and Pyriproxyfen the active ingredients found in K9 Advantix® II for Dogs.

What does it do?

Wags Advance® for Dogs:

How long does it last?

One application of Wag’s Advance® for Dogs is effective for one month.

Is it waterproof?

Wags Advance® for Dogs is waterproof. Your dog can bath or swim after treatment, but we recommend you wait 24-48 hours before and after treatment before bathing your dog.

Does it require a prescription?

Nope! Wags Advance® for Dogs is regulated by the EPA for safety and efficacy and does not require a prescription.

How much does it cost?

Wags Advance® for Dogs affordably is only $8 per month if paid monthly or $7 per month if paid annually ($84 paid up-front). This price includes the cost of shipping.

How is it dosed?

Wag’s Advance® for Dogs is a monthly flea & tick treatment dosed by weight and available for dogs weighing at least four pounds.

How old does my dog need to be to use this product?

Your dog should be at least seven weeks old and weigh at least four pounds before using Wags Advance® for Dogs.

Is it safe for cats?

No, never user Wag’s Advance® for Dogs on cats. PetFriendly Direct® will offer a cat formula very soon. In the meantime, please add your name to our cat product waiting list here.

Should I bathe my dog before or after applying?

Wags Advance® for Dogs is waterproof, but it relies on the oils in your dog’s fur and skin to distribute the active ingredients across your pet’s body. For this reason:

Can I use other flea and tick treatments, such a flea and tick collar or shampoo in combination with this product?

We recommend you pick one treatment and use that alone. Give it time to work and consult your veterinarian before considering applying any additional treatments. If you’ve already applied a flea & tick shampoo, but want to switch to this product, then you can bath your dog in a mild degreasing dish soap, such as Dawn® to first remove the other pesticide from your pet.

Why don’t you offer oral flea and tick treatments?

Oral flea and tick treatments are relatively new. We’ve decided not to offer an oral treatment for three very good reasons:

  1. Oral treatments require the pest to bite before they work. Oral treatments reside in your pet’s bloodstream. In order for them to work, the flea or tick must first bite your pet and receive a blood meal. That bite can lead to other problems such as Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). Our products are topical, so they are effective without the bite.

  2. Oral treatments recently received a caution from the FDA due to potential neurological side-effects. If you choose to treat your pets with oral treatments, please talk further with your veterinarian to learn more about the potential risks. Our topical products are regulated by the EPA for safety and efficacy and do not have the same neurological side-effect concerns.

  3. Oral treatments require a prescription. This means you need to visit your vet to get a prescription. The cost of the vet visit combined with the higher cost of oral products mean oral flea and tick treatments cost more. Our topical treatments help save you money while offering vet quality protection for your pets.

What other products will you sell?

Our first additional product is a flea and tick treatment for cats. We’ll also we’ll add additional dog and cat flea and tick formulas. We’re working on other treatment indications. Stay tuned!


What happens if my pet’s weight changes?

That's exactly the magic of this service. You no longer need to buy a multi-dose package. You can change your dog's weight anytime via your online dashboard. We'll ship the correct weight dose every time. Perfect for growing pets!

My pet has sensitive skin, should I use your products?

Don't hesitate to send us a note at support@petfriendlydirect.com or please give one of our vet techs a call at (616) 278-0700 to see if we can answer further questions to help you decide what's best for your pets.

I’ve not received an email confirmation for: my order/shipping/billing?

We’ll always send you a billing confirmation and shipping confirmation via email. If you don’t receive these, please check your SPAM/Junk mail filter and make sure you have info@petfreindlydirect.com added to your contacts.

How do I weigh my pet?

First, step on the bathroom scale alone and record the weight. Second, step on the scale while holding your pet and again record the weight. Finally, subtract the first number from the second, and that’s the weight of your pet. To ensure they receive the right dose of product, it’s important to have an accurate weight for your pet.

I have multiple pets. How do I make sure each gets the right dose?

Here’s the magic of PetFriendly Direct®. If you have a multi-pet household, each pet receives a personalized treatment of product. On the outside of each dose we put your pet’s picture (if you upload one) and name. That way you can easily tell which treatment belongs to which of your pets. Super simple!