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Your best friend’s new best friend.

We’re PetFriendly, a subscription pet care company proud to call Omaha, Nebraska, home. We’re committed to delivering trusted, affordable products with maximum service and convenience.

We love our pets the way we know you love your pets — they’re family. We started PetFriendly to make the experience of caring for your pets safe, affordable and convenient. With personality, technology, and human-friendly service, we’ve eliminated the barriers preventing you from taking the best care of your pets!

In other words, we've made pet care "human proof."

We want your pets to be the happiest and healthiest. And we want you to feel like the most awesome pet parent on the planet. So we look for opportunities to go above and beyond to serve you — an added touch, an extra effort, an unexpected surprise.

If you’re a human of PetFriendly, you already know what we're talking about. If you're thinking about giving us a try, we look forward to working hard to prove that you and your pets matter.

Because, whether we’re packing treats in boxes, working with a customer to solve a problem, or cracking jokes in a web development meeting, true to our Midwest roots:

We’re friendly.

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