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PetFriendly is the most affordable, convenient, and smart way to keep your pet protected from fleas and ticks.

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Each month, we package up your pet’s dose of protection and ship it right to your front door.

We ship your pet's protection at the same time every month so you can forget about remembering.


We replaced the middleman with the mailman and give the savings back to you.


At just $8 per month, PetFriendly is the most budget friendly price available.


When you receive the box each month, it is time to apply to your pet.

Rest assured, you have vet-quality flea & tick protection to keep your pet happy and healthy.

It's high quality protection delivered right when you need it. It's human proof.

Shipped Box Human Proof Guarantee
PetFriendly provides vet-quality topical flea and tick treatment for both dogs and cats. Learn how to apply treatment »
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Be proactive with your pet’s health.

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